Matt Brown takes harsh stance against PEDs, calls for lifetime bans of popped fighters

By bjpenndotcom - July 30, 2016

PED usage has been making headlines recently in the MMA world. With just two days to go until UFC 200, pound for pound kingpin Jon Jones was pulled from the historic event for a failed drug test back in June. Following the event, it was revealed that Brock Lesnar failed a random drug test in June, in addition to a fight night drug test.

During a recent appearance on the Three Amigos Podcast, UFC welterweight Matt Brown called for a lifetime ban of fighters who pop for PEDs:

I’ve said it before, USADA is a good thing for the sport. I just wish the suspensions were steeper. I think it should be a lifetime suspension for first time offenders. You get caught, you’re done. Go find another sport. If it were a lifetime ban, I bet none of the people that have been caught would have taken anything.”

“If they find out it was a tainted supplement, and you can legitimately prove it, then you don’t get a lifetime ban. That said, there may be a martyr. There may be someone that gets screwed by that system. There’s always going to be a problem, but I guarantee you, if you implement a lifetime ban, that problem gets solved real quick. A lot less people will be ending up with tainted supplements. I would venture to say there wouldn’t be a single, damned, tainted supplement.

You’re responsible for what’s in your body. It’s that simple. I really don’t know why they allow them to use that as an excuse. With that said, I believe Tim Means. I don’t think he was intentionally taking anything. Again, no system is perfect and it was unfortunate that he had to go through that at all.

Brown is currently gearing up for his UFC 201 scrap against Jake Ellenberger on Saturday night.


Matt Brown