Matt Brown sounds off on Tyron Woodley’s title shot against Robbie Lawler at UFC 201

Tyron Woodley

Despite facing defeat over the weekend at UFC 198, Matt Brown doesn’t agree with the UFC’s decision to have Tyron Woodley fighting for the welterweight title against Robbie Lawler in the main event at UFC 201.

“He didn’t beat nobody,” Brown said to MMAjunkie. “Gastelum is nobody that you beat to get a title fight. The Condit fight – do you even consider that a victory? That’s debatable in itself. He didn’t beat Condit; he won by default. He hasn’t really done anything else beyond that.”

Brown added that other fights would be more of a draw for fans, even if the title shots may not have been earned.

“Funny enough, the only person I think shouldn’t be in the conversation is Woodley, and I think most would agree,” Brown said. “Others I think would be possible more deserving would be Stephen Thompson (or) a rematch with Carlos – I don’t think anybody as a fan, nobody would complain about that. It’s not that necessarily he deserves it, but because it was such a good (first) fight. But I think the same for me and Robbie too. I think anybody would pay to see us fight too.”

While Brown says that the welterweight division is a bit hard to figure, there are a couple names that are hard to deny.

“Our division is a little bit disorganized,” Brown said. “You could ask 10 different people the rankings, and you would get 10 different answers. It’s a little discombobulated. There are a few guys like Maia, like Rory, that are just clear. You beat them, and you should absolutely be heavily in the talks for a title shot. Woodley didn’t.”

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