UFC hoping to bring MMA to the Olympics

Dominick Cruz

While at one point in time MMA was regarded as ‘barbaric’ given the lack of rules, earlier this month New York became the final state to fully legalize MMA.

With MMA now legal in all 50 states, the UFC is eyeing the most prestigious platform in all of sports, the Olympic Games.

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta spoke to BBC.com to discuss his goal of MMA eventually being in the Olympics:

“The Olympics are a business and they want to attract those younger viewers for all these big television deals,” said Lorenzo Fertitta.

“Where we’re going with UFC, eventually we (MMA) will be part of the Olympics.”

“That’s what the kids want to watch – and that’s where we are going,”

While boxing is already an Olympic sport, do you think that one day we will see MMA in the Olympic games?

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