Lorenzo Fertitta accepts new job outside of MMA

By bjpenndotcom - June 23, 2016

While the MMA community is still buzzing with rumors about the UFC’s potential sale, UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta is now in a 5-year contract with Red Rock, earning him $500,000 per year according to PR Newswire. Prior to the deal, Fertitta was already a Red Rock Vice President, and on the board of directors.

This likely adds fuel to the fire of rumors regarding the Fertitta brothers selling the UFC to an overseas bidder in China. While the UFC brass has remained adamant that the company is not for sale, a report earlier this week emerged that the promotion had been sold for $4.2 billion.

Only time will tell as to whether or not Lornezo Fertitta’s position is meant to replace his current position with the UFC as it has indeed been sold.

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