Frankie Edgar’s coach: He was stiff arming kids during flag football

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Frankie Edgar is undoubtably a fighter at heart. Throughout the course of his 11 year professional career, the former UFC lightweight champion has defeated some of the biggest names in the sport, including BJ Penn, Gray Maynard, Urijah Faber, and Chad Mendes. At UFC 200, Edgar will look to add former featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo’s name to that list.

The fight will be a rematch for Edgar, who lost to Aldo in 2013 at UFC 156. Since then Edgar has gone on a tear, winning 5 fights in a row. Prior to the fight, Edgar’s coach, Mark Henry, recalled a time when Edgar partook in a flag football game with kids and adults at his house. The former lightweight champion didn’t take it easy.

BleacherReport has the quotes:

“He was stiff-arming the kids playing flag football with him. I tackled him and broke his toe. But that’s how Frankie is. Super competitive. He plays checkers, whatever, he doesn’t want to lose.”

With a win over Aldo at UFC 200, Edgar will secure a featherweight title fight with Conor McGregor, who Henry believes would be in trouble against Edgar:

“I think Frankie would destroy him. At 145, I don’t think it’s worth giving him the time of day. This dude ain’t Frankie, I’ll put it that way. This guy has been stopped three times already. He’s not in the same realm of toughness and mentality as Frankie.”

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