Jeff Molina admits he didn’t know much about Daniel Da Silva but confident he’ll finish him in the first round

Jeff Molina
Image Credit: UFC

Jeff Molina is eager to step back into the Octagon, despite not knowing much about his UFC Vegas 41 opponent, Daniel Da Silva.

Molina is coming off his UFC debut where he beat Aoriqileng by decision. It was also the Fight of the Night at UFC 261. After the win, Molina wasn’t sure what would be next but he now gets to welcome Da Silva to the Octagon.

“To be honest, not much, man. I feel like the research that needed to be done is done,” Molina said on Just Scrap Radio on “I don’t watch a ton of film on my opponents, as I let my coaches handle it. He fought the day or two before he got signed. I watched his last fight and his second to last. We took what we needed to get.”

Although Molina had a successful UFC debut, he still believes he didn’t show his full potential. In this fight against Da Silva, he believes this is the perfect opponent to show his true potential and get an early stoppage.

“I feel like my last performance didn’t show what I am capable of. There were a lot of mistakes I made. I’m also coming off two Fight of the Nights, as Dana said my Contender Series was, and my debut I got the Fight of the Night,” Molina explained. “I don’t want to have these competitive back-and-forth fights as I want clean kills from here on out. I want Performance of the Night bonuses from here on out. This is the right opponent to do that as there is no way this goes the distance. I don’t see it going past the first round.”

As for how Jeff Molina expects to finish the fight, he thinks it will either be him knocking Da Silva down and finishing him off with strikes or jumping on his neck when he is hurt.

“KO, TKO, submission, I’ll take what I can get. I pride myself on being a mixed martial artist and being good everywhere,” Molina said. “I just don’t see it going the decision. As far as the outcome, I see me clipping him on the chin and TKO’ing him or submitting him when he hits the ground.”

If Molina does get the stoppage win, he says he would like to get one more fight in this year but isn’t in a rush to start working his way up the ranks. Instead, he says Francisco Figueiredo or Cody Durden are possible options for his next fight.

“I’m 24, I want to take my time. I don’t care if I have to fight every single person in this division to get a title shot. I get better every day. I’m in no hurry as I know one day I will be the champ of this division,” Molina concluded.

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