Eddie Alvarez: Conor McGregor fans “don’t know s*** about MMA”

By bjpenndotcom - October 5, 2016

Last week, Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez came face to face for the first time at the UFC 205 press conference ahead of their historic fight for Alvarez’ lightweight championship in the main event of UFC 205 on November 12th.

Eddie Alvarez

When Alvarez fielded his first question from a media member, he was meet with boos from McGregor fans, whereas the featherweight champ was given extremely loud cheers from his fans whenever he would touch the mic.

Conor McGregor

Things went to an entirely new level during the last question of the press conference, where a McGregor fan pretended to be a media member, and used his time on the mic to verbally assault Alvarez for stating that McGregor isn’t a championship level fighter.

During a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Alvarez weighed-in on McGregor’s fans:

“I mean, given the reaction of that crowd, it kind of was weird, I definitely didn’t expect that.”

“It just sort of reiterated to me what his fan base is. His fan base is him. They’re people who, it’s all perception. It seems like he has a lot of WWE fans, guys who don’t know much about fighting at all, they are just like him. You can have them fans, they’re not the fans I want anyway. You can boo all day long.”

“I don’t want fans who don’t know s*** about MMA. I’d rather have a fan who knows the sport, enjoys the sport, and can see value.”

While McGregor’s fans are undeniably hardcore, and frequently take Las Vegas by storm when McGregor fights, causing traffic to stop while they celebrate in the streets, McGregor pointed out during the press conference that he believes a large number of Irish fans will be in New York to watch him fight Alvarez for the lightweight championship on November 12th.

Conor McGregor fans

As we have seen in the past during instances where McGregor has fought in Ireland, Michael Bisping has fought in England, or Anderson Silva has fought in Brazil, the fans can certainly play a massive role in a fight.

Do you think they will play a role in how the UFC 205 main event swings? Give us your thoughts below PENN Nation.


Eddie Alvarez