Eddie Alvarez: “I’m the king of excitement, Pettis is a sore loser”

By Chris Taylor - April 18, 2016

Top UFC lightweight contender Eddie Alvarez was a guest on today’s edition of The MMA Hour where he discussed his upcoming title fight with current division champion Rafael dos Anjos. Alvarez stated that while “RDA” is a solid all-around fighter, nothing is going to keep him from winning the belt on July 7 in Las Vegas. His words:

“He’s good man. I have nothing bad to say about Rafael dos Anjos. He is a good fighter all around. He’s done a great job. But what happens on July 7 has zero to do with Rafael dos Anjos and everything to do with me. And umm, my journey to get here and my journey to win the title. So it’s not about him and what he can do or what he has done. I’m not concerned with any of that. I’m going to win the world title. If you give me the opportunity of a life time I’m going to take advantage of it and I’m going to execute.”

Alvarez also touched on his last fight with former champ Anthony Pettis, which was deemed “boring” my many fans. Eddie defended his victory and stated that he is still one of the world’s most exciting fighters. His words:

“Look I hear it. Everybody out there listening is saying “he’s boring” and this and that blah blah blah. You know I hear it. I want you guys (the fans) to be happy. I’m not going out there trying to fight a style of fight that fans aren’t excited about. If you have been following me my whole career, you know that I am the King of excitement. I go out there and fight. I need a guy in front of me like Rafael dos Anjos. A guy who is going to fight me. A guy who when I take him down, will be able to get back up. I get blamed about the Pettis fight. The truth is I did I wanted. I did anything I wanted in that fight. He (Pettis) didn’t get to do what he wanted. Now he is a sore loser saying that ‘it wasn’t a fight’. I did what I wanted to do and he couldn’t do what he wanted and that is a fight.”

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