Video | Joshua Fabia administers bizarre training methods with pupil Diego Sanchez

By Adam Martin - May 7, 2021

A new video has surfaced of former UFC welterweight Diego Sanchez being involved in some bizarre training methods with his coach Joshua Fabia.


In the video, you can see Fabia doing all sorts of different training methods with Sanchez, including having Sanchez hang upside down while Fabia does some striking drills on him. There is also a portion of the video where Sanchez is shown with a blindfold over his eyes while Fabia chases him around the ring. You can check out the video yourself and see what you think about Fabia’s bizarre way of training. Take a look at the full video below.

Sanchez and Fabia have been big talking points in the MMA community over the last few weeks. The longest-tenured fighter on the UFC roster, Sanchez was cut last week by the world’s largest MMA promotion after a dispute involving medical records. Fabia wanted the UFC to release Sanchez’s medical information and the UFC became uncomfortable with the possibility of having Sanchez fight again, so it chose to pay him off for his last fight against Donald Cerrone and then send him packing, marking an end to his UFC career.

In addition, there was a video that was released online by Sanchez of Fabia arguing with UFC brass at a production meeting on Fight Island. That led to harsh criticism of Fabia, with fighters such as Michael Bisping speaking out against him. Overall, Fabia has been viewed in a negative light by the MMA community as a whole, and the UFC itself washed hands with “Nightmare” because of it, marking a sad end to over 15 years with the company. We will see what the next step is for Sanchez now that he is a free agent.

What do you think is the next move for Diego Sanchez after being released by the UFC?

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