Top flyweights weigh in on Demetrious Johnson’s comments, possible closure of the division

By Tom Taylor - June 7, 2017

One of the biggest stories of the week thus far has surrounded a scathing, tell-all statement released by UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson. In this statement, the champ blasts the UFC and its president Dana White for attempting to force him into a fight with former bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw, rather than letting him fight established flyweight contender Ray Borg. It also criticizes the UFC for failing to promote his division or his fights in an adequate way. Finally, Johnson also claimed in the statement that White threatened to close the division if he didn’t play ball.

Dana White, Demetrious Johnson, Reebok fight kit

Needless to say, it was not a particularly good look for White or the UFC.

Since Johnson released this headline-generating statement, many members of the flyweight division have spoken up, weighing in on his comments, and the apparent risk of the flyweight division’s closure.

The most high-profile flyweight to do so was Borg, who told MMA Junkie that he has newfound respect for the champ.

“That’s actually where I gained respect for him,” Borg said. “And some fans are seeing it. Because he is respecting the division, and the rankings by wanting to fight me.”

Another top flyweight to chime in was recent title challenger Henry Cejudo, who assured that he’d welcome Dillashaw to the flyweight division if Johnson wasn’t interested.

Tim Elliot, who also recently battled Johnson for the title – and arguably gave him the toughest test of his title reign thus far – also chimed in.

So too did Ben Nguyen, one of the brightest prospects in the division. Though he understands he might not have a job soon, he’s happy somebody spoke up.

Lastly, Johnson’s comments generated a response from Zach Makovsky who, though no longer under contract with the UFC, remains one of the flyweight division’s best fighters.

What do you make of the sticky situation at flyweight? Does Demetrious Johnson deserve to be treated better?

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