VIDEO | David vs. Goliath fight ends in 20 seconds – Mark Potter vs. Tomasz Czerwinski

By Russell Ess - October 28, 2016

david vs. goliath mma

It’s always an intriguing match for fans when two opponents matched up are considerably different in size.

The old story of David vs. Goliath is a perfect example of how people can’t help but be amused by the matchup of a smaller opponent taking on a much physically bigger adversary.

UCMMA 17 - Kings of the Cage

In this video, we go back to the UCMMA 17 – Kings of the Cage UK match between Mark Potter and Tomasz Czerwinski, which took place on December 4, 2010.

Tomasz Czerwinski stepped on the scales weighing in at a whopping 383 pounds. His opponent, Mark Potter gave up a staggering 145 pounds to Czerwinski, weighing in at 238 pounds.

UCMMA 17 - Kings of the Cage

However, Potter was not one to let size intimidate him. The two meet in the cage at the sound of the bell in the first round and Potter landed the first standing combination on Czerwinski. In just the second exchange, Potter lands a stiff jab on the 383-pound fighter and drops him to the canvas. Potter strolls up to the downed Czerwinski and unloads a fury of punches to the head and body of his downed opponent and the referee is forced to call an end to the fight at just 20 seconds of the very first round.

Mark Potter holds a 5-2 professional MMA record with his last fight taking place in 2012, beating his opponent, Larry Watts by KO at just 28 seconds of the first round.

Tomasz Czerwinski holds an 8-14 professional MMA record and has been active in competition with his last fight taking place earlier this month. Unfortunately for Czerwinski, the massive fighter has marked up five losses in a row with his last win taking place in June of 2015 where he submitted Petru Ursachi with a guillotine choke.

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