Former title challenger Chael Sonnen weighs in on the UFC’s split with USADA

By Susan Cox - October 17, 2023

Former title challenger Chael Sonnen is weighing in on the UFC’s split with USADA.

Chael Sonnen and Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) had partnered with the UFC for the past nine years, ensuring that the integrity of the sport is upheld.

That partnership will end at the end of 2023.

USADA’s CEO, Travis Tygart, made the announcement of the split last Wednesday, October 11th. The statement inferred that the arrangement with the UFC had become “untenable”.

As of 2024 Drug Free Sport International will oversee the UFC’s anti-doping program.

Chael Sonnen, speaking on his YouTube channel shared his thoughts on the USADA’s CEO, Travis Tygart, said:

“You’ve gotta have a clean sport, but what you don’t need to have if you’re a function like USADA is have anyone know you exist. They wanted to do such a big deal… You are not a speaker, you are not a thinker, you are not a drug-tester, you are not a scientist. Somewhere you got this role, just keep the suit on and take the role.”

Continuing Chael Sonnen said (h/t MMANews):

“The customer (UFC) didn’t announce they were gonna go in a different direction, which means it wasn’t there yet. It’s all part of a negotiation… When Tygart comes out with his statement and buries the UFC… I am left to wonder, was he trying to do damage to his own client or was he trying to negotiate? He might have thought, ‘I’m in the middle of a negotiation. I’ve got a Hail Mary pass left and that is to get the media and have the media put pressure on the organization to bring them back to me.’ He might have thought that, he’s not a thinker this guy… This is not a smart guy.”

What do you think of Chael Sonnen’s analogy of USADA’s CEO – do you think he was just trying to negotiate? Or do you believe after a 9-year tenure it was time for the UFC to move on to a different anti-doping program?

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