VIDEO | CB Dollaway Open to Rematch with Hector Lombard After Late Hits, “I don’t think it was accidental”

By Drake Riggs - March 6, 2018

“The first [shot] I can kind of see as being a reaction but the second shot, I believe in my mind was on purpose.

Heard through the grapevine, a lot of people say he’s a dirty fighter. I don’t think it was accidental, I think that’s just kind of who he is.

As far as what the future holds for me and Hector [Lombard], i’m going to see what the UFC wants to do. I’ve heard mention they might be getting rid of him, they might keep him. So whatever they decide, ultimately they’re the ones that make the decisions but if they want to run it back then we’re open to it.”

The big controversy from UFC 222 this past Saturday came in the card’s first preliminary bout on FS1. The bout pit former Bellator middleweight king, Hector Lombard against longtime UFC veteran and The Ultimate Fighter season 7 finalist, CB Dollaway.

Dollaway was body kicking his way to what appeared to be a successful first round. That was until the bell sounded as he threw one of the many kicks he was landing throughout and Lombard responded, landing a two-punch combination on Dollaway that essentially knocked him out.

He wasn’t unconscious, but the damage was clearly done to Dollaway as he continually asked what had happened before he was helped out of the cage by the doctors.

Lombard has since said when speaking with MMAJunkie that he believes the shots were fair as they were “in action” and that Dollaway just didn’t want to continue.

“I always say he didn’t want to fight. He didn’t want to continue… We’re fighters. I’ve been in that situation before. You just get up. He was just talking and everything. [If] you want to continue the fight, you continue.”

Lombard also stated that he too is open to a rematch.

“I would love to [have a rematch]. I know he won’t beat me, but it’s up to the UFC, up to him, whatever he wants to do. I want to get another fight quick.”

Surprisingly, this loss makes it the fifth straight for the once hottest free agent on the market, Lombard which gives him a UFC record of 3-7 (1 NC).

Will the UFC remake this battle between veterans? Do you care to see them go at it again?


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