Johnson demands Daniel Cormier be stripped of belt in formal appeal

Anthony Johnson

This past weekend at UFC 210, UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier defeated Anthony Johnson in a highly anticipated rematch two years in the making. Prior to the fight however, Cormier made headlines for his controversial weigh-in.

The champ stepped in the scale with just minutes to go until time was up, and weighed-in at 206.2 pounds, 1.2 pounds over the light heavyweight title fight limit of 205 pounds. Just over two minutes later, Cormier emerged from backstage and weighed-in once again, this time leaning on the privacy towel so as to offset his weight and assist him in making weight without having to cut the extra 1.2 pounds.

Daniel Cormier

Cormier has since denied that he was using the towel to offset his weight, and has maintained that he was simply attempting to prevent his manhood from being seen, however in his formal appeal, Anthony Johnson has demanded that Cormier testify under oath about the situation, give up 20% of his purse, and be stripped of the light heavyweight title. The appeal states that Cormier “chose to, inexplicably, grab the towels in front of him while on the scale.” and that Cormier “must be called upon to explain, under oath, to the NYSAC, Anthony Johnson, the general public, the UFC, his fellow fighters, and the sport of mixed martial arts, the reason for his actions at the weigh in on April 8, 2017.”

In addition:

“If Mr. Cormier could not, would not, or did not satisfactory provide an evidence and fact based explanation forms conduct then he should be disciplined for his actions by the NYSAC to preserve the integrity of the sport.

The appeal concludes by listing what they feel is an appropriate punishment for DC:

“At a minimum, Daniel Cormier should be ordered to pay 20% of his fight purse to Anthony Johnson, and should be stripped of his UFC men’s light heavyweight title.”

Daniel Cormier Anthony Johnson

This is about to get interesting!

This article first appeared on on 4/13/2017.

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