Alex Morono expecting a “fun fight” against Tim Means at UFC Charlotte, eyes Matt Brown or Ian Garry next: “Bang it out with The Dirty Bird”

By Cole Shelton - May 10, 2023

Alex Morono always figured he would face Tim Means eventually.

Alex Morono

Once Morono started to fight the more well known guys like Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone, he always thought a matchup against Means would make sense. He has watched Means for years and knew it would be a fun fight. Now, he got his wish as he was matched up against ‘The Dirty Bird’ at UFC Charlotte.

“I remember watching him fight in Legacy in Houston. He actually fought one of the top prospects in Houston who was like 8-1 at that point and whoever won that fight was likely going to get signed to the UFC,” Morono said on Just Scrap Radio on “Means won the fight and he beat a guy that I really admired and I have been rooting for him whenever he fought in the UFC, for the most part.

“I just like him and respect him and I always thought we would get matched up. Especially, in the last two, or three years, since COVID, I was waiting for his name on the contract,” Morono continued. “Nothing but respect for that dude, he is a true veteran, I feel like I’m a vet too. But, I’m going to hit that old lion with some young wolf tactics.”

Part of the reason why Alex Morono wanted to fight Tim Means is due to the fact he expects it to be a fun fight. Although both of them can wrestle, Morono expects it to be a back-and-forth striking fight.

“I think he may wrestle, I don’t know. If there is a takedown I will probably go for it. But, I’ve said that in every one of my fights and I don’t wrestle much. He’s a vet and well-rounded and we both prefer to strike. I just think it will be a fun fight,” Morono said. “I don’t have much of a game plan other than do my best and make the best decisions, it’s a fun fight. Just looking to go in there and bang it out with The Dirty Bird.”

If Morono does get his hand raised against Tim Means he expects to get matched up with one of the other welterweights on the card. If he has his way, he would like to face either Matt Brown or Ian Garry after UFC Charlotte.

“I’ve asked to fight Matt Brown, I’ve asked to fight Ian Garry, I’d love to fight D-Rod. Really any of those guys, especially with someone with name value. Matt Brown, I have nothing but love and respect for him,” Morono said. “But, I would love that fight, same with any of the guys. Ian Garry has a lot of steam behind him and has been doing well for himself. It will be cool to scope out the competition. I couldn’t imagine who I wouldn’t fight. My goal when I got signed was 10 fights, now it’s 20 fights. This is fight number 18, so now it’s 20 wins, so now I’m looking at 30 or 40 fights in the UFC. I just couldn’t imagine who I wouldn’t fight other than teammates.”

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