UFC Vegas 74 Results: Alex Caceres defeats Daniel Pineda (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - June 3, 2023

We have you covered for all of tonight’s UFC Vegas 74 results, including the featherweight co-main event between Alex Caceres and Daniel Pineda.

Alex Caceres

Caceres (21-13 MMA) has gone 6-1 over his past seven Octagon appearances, his most recent resulting in a TKO victory over Julian Erosa. ‘Bruce Leeroy’ will be fighting for the first time this calendar year tonight in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Daniel Pineda (28-15 MMA) most recently competed back in March of this year, earning a second-round submission victory over Tucker Lutz. The 37-year-old has gone 6-1 over his past seven fights overall.

Round one of the UFC Vegas 74 co-main event begins and Pineda opens with a low kick. Alex Caceres returns fire with a kick to the body. ‘Pit’ shoots for a takedown but ‘Bruce Leeroy’ defends and takes top position. Caceres opts to stand back up and Pineda follows suit. Alex with a 1-2 and then jumps on the back of Pineda. He gets the fight back down to the canvas but Daniel Pineda transitions to a triangle attempt. Caceres escapes the hold, and we are back to standing. The featherweights clinch up and Alex scores a takedown. He begins working from full guard and starts landing some good ground and pound. Daniel Pineda rolls for an armbar. This is tight. Somehow Caceres escapes. Pineda looks for a triangle choke, but once again the submission attempt is avoided by ‘Bruce Leeroy’. We are back on the feet now and Caceres has Pineda pinned up against the cage. He lands a good knee and then a big left hang. That rocked Pineda. He dives for a takedown and gets it. The horn sounds to end a thrilling opening round of action.

Round two of the UFC Vegas 74 co-main event begins and Daniel Pineda lands a pair of big right hands. Alex Caceres fires right back. ‘Pit’ shoots for a takedown and gets it. ‘Bruce Leeroy’ bounces back up to his feet, but Pineda has him pushed up against the cage. Another takedown, but Caceres immediately looks to lockup a triangle choke. Pineda escapes and then transitions to the back of his opponent. He locks up a body triangle and moves for a kimura attempt. He lets that go and moves to full mount position. Alex Caceres needs to survive for another 70 seconds here. Pineda begins to work some ground and pound. He begins looking for a potential submission, but Caceres is doing a good job of defending. The horn sounds to end round two.

The third and final round of the UFC Vegas 74 co-headliner begins and Alex Caceres lands a hard kick to the body. That hurt Daniel Pineda who uses the cage to keep himself standing. Another body kick from ‘Bruce Leeroy’. He follows that up with a low kick and Pineda goes down. He pops right back up but eats a combination. Pineda forces the clinch and looks to take the back of Caceres. He is unable to do so, and Alex breaks free and circles out. Another hard body shot, this time a punch, from Caceres. He follows that up with another heavy kick to the body. Somehow Daniel Pineda remains standing. Alex Caceres with a knee to the body and ‘Pit’ is badly hurt. A 1-2 from ‘Bruce Leeroy’. He’s looked fantastic in this final round. Pineda with a good right hand. He lands a left. Caceres is now on his backfoot. He forces the clinch and looks to take the back of Pineda. He does and now we are on the ground with Alex looking for a rear-naked choke. Daniel Pineda scrambles and gets back to his feet. Caceres goes to the body with punches. Pineda with a right hook and Caceres hits the deck. He pops back up to his feet and the horn sounds to end the fight. What a scrap!

Official UFC Vegas 74 Results: Alex Caceres def. Daniel Pineda by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Who would you like to see Caceres fight next following his victory over Pineda this evening in Sin City?

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