Jose Canseco challenges Logan Paul to fight after YouTuber breaks up with daughter Josie

Jose Canseco
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Former MLB slugger Jose Canseco challenged Logan Paul to a boxing match after the YouTuber broke up with Canseco’s daughter Josie.

Canseco is a former MLB all-star who was a feared home run hitter for many years in the big leagues. He’s also a former mixed martial artist, famously fighting Hong Man Choi in Japan. His daughter Josie is a model from Los Angeles who reportedly was dating Paul since 2020. However, Paul recently shared the news that the couple has broken up.

Speaking to Sports Talk Chicago, Canseco says he is upset about the breakup and now he wants to settle the score with Paul in the boxing ring for breaking up with his daughter.

“It left me with a bad taste in my mouth,” Canseco said (h/t TMZ). “I actually met him when my daughter and Logan came down to Vegas. He seemed like a very nice young kid. To me, seemed a bit on the arrogant side. But, then all of a sudden they broke up. I gotta give you the final details, they will come up. But you know, it left me with a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth.”

Canseco is 56 years old now, while Paul is just 25, so there would be a significant age gap if these two were to meet in the ring. Of course, Paul has his hands full right now as he takes on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in a huge fight in February. But with Canseco wanting to defend his daughter’s honor, he says he is very serious about fighting Paul.

“Get ready, this is real. This is not a joke. If I hit him, he’s going down,” Canseco said. “Even though I’m 56-years-old, I do have some martial arts and celebrity fighting experience. After fighting a guy who’s 7’2″ and 400lbs these guys look like shrimps to me.”

Would you want to see Jose Canseco fight Logan Paul?

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