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Jake Paul accuses Dana White of “doing everything he can to hurt the Anderson Silva PPV”

Jake Paul is set to box Anderson Silva on October 29th in what is undoubtedly Paul’s greatest challenge to date. According to ‘The Problem Child,’ he’s not just having to prepare for Silva in the squared circle, he’s also having to deal with sabotage attempts from UFC president Dana White.

Paul took to Twitter on Friday morning to accuse White of messing with his upcoming event.

“Dana White is doing everything he can to hurt the Anderson Silva PPV promotion,” Paul wrote. “The same Silva he said I would never fight. The same Silva he has kept out of UFC Hall of Fame. Just shows how much he fears what I’m doing. Trust me change is coming & we are getting organized.”

Jake Paul didn’t elaborate on exactly what White was allegedly up to. The UFC president hasn’t brought Jake Paul up in weeks, and may finally have realized that speaking about the young YouTuber turned boxer just generates more attention which is what Paul wants. So maybe it’s White’s silence that has Paul so upset?

One could argue that the large majority of Paul’s career in combat sports has been built off of trolling UFC fans. His most recent fights have been against former UFC fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. Paul spent weeks trying to goad Michael Bisping out of retirement for a fight, despite Bisping only having one eye. And now he’s gone back to the UFC well by fighting Anderson Silva. Why? Because he gets the attention he wants from MMA fans.

Unfortunately, while the matchup is interesting and Anderson Silva is a legitimate challenge, it’s not generating the same amount of press in the MMA media as past bouts. Perhaps it’s because we’re all too focused on more interesting fights like the ones going down at UFC 280 on October 22nd. Or maybe the bubble has just burst on people caring about Jake Paul?

There are hints that perhaps that’s the case. Jake Paul’s fight against Hasim Rahman Jr. was reportedly doing very poor ticket numbers at Madison Square Garden before Paul pulled the plug on the event. He claimed it was over Rahman Jr. attempting to cheat by coming into the fight heavy. Dana White had his own theory.

“I think they sold under a million dollars in tickets, and it costs $500,000 to turn the f***ing lights on at MSG,” White said. “That’s what I think.”

What do you think, PENN Nation? Is Jake Paul just trying to pick a fight with Dana White and generate some headlines? Or could Dana really be messing with ‘The Problem Child’ behind the scenes? Let us know in the comments!

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