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The UFC and FX TV are airing “Primetime: Diaz vs. Condit” episode 2 tonight. The…

1.27.12@8:43 AM
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1.22.12@11:39 AM
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The UFC and FX TV are debuting “Primetime: Diaz vs. Condit” tonight following the UFC…

1.20.12@10:00 AM
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The brass at the UFC is pulling out all the stops for February’s welterweight battle…

1.2.12@12:45 PM
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The UFC’s first night on network television has reportedly drawn in about 4.6 million viewers…

11.13.12@5:30 PM
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This weekend is perhaps the most important and biggest show in UFC history. UFC on…

11.12.12@10:56 AM
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The UFC continued its rounds today with another media flurry to promote this weekends historical…

11.9.12@4:04 PM
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“Starting next year – every prelim fight will air on a FOX network” During the…

11.9.12@1:29 PM
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With the UFC heavyweight title up for grabs this weekend and a new TV partnership…

11.7.12@8:02 PM
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The UFC and FOX TV strategically put up the “UFC Primetime” special this past Sunday…

11.3.12@11:40 AM
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I got here to Las Vegas and am ready for my UFC 137 main event…

10.28.12@11:52 AM
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The UFC is pulling out all the stop for it’s Fox network debut, as they…

10.26.12@5:00 AM
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UFC Primetime is set to return this fall, but this time from its new home…

9.1.12@11:10 PM
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