VIDEO | BJJ black belt Chuck Norris talks first time training with Gracie’s and getting choked out

By Russell Ess - October 11, 2017

Chuck Norris has a lot of martial arts experience on his resume. As a black belt in numerous martial arts, Norris was awarded a third-degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Jean Jacques Machado and David Dunn in 2015.

Chuck Norris

In this video from MMA Nation, we take a walk back in time as Norris explains the first time he tried jiu-jitsu while on vacation in Rio de Janeiro. Norris kept hearing about “Gracie jiu-jitsu” from all the martial arts schools that he dropped in for training and had his first taste of the martial art with the Gracie family.

“I was a black belt in Judo so I thought I had some pretty good grappling skills,” Norris said of his first time rolling with the Gracies. “Anyway, I got on the ground with Rickson Gracie and it’s like I never had a lesson in my life. He played with me.”

Norris went on to say that when he had his time to roll with Helio Gracie, he was slept unconscious by the legend. Helio invited Norris to stay and train with them to make him a great BJJ practitioner but had to get back to filming a movie in the states. Norris ultimately got back to training jiu-jitsu with Rorion Gracie and the Machado brothers in Los Angeles.

on 10/11/2017.

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