VIDEO | This is @jonjones on Twitter and he gets a lot of mean tweets

By Russell Ess - October 31, 2017

Meet Jon Jones.

Jon Jones

No, not former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, but the video game developer Jon Jones.

People often mistake this purple-haired Jon Jones for the UFC fighter Jon Jones as they share the same name with the same spelling. Not only that, but the video game developer also has the Twitter handle @jonjones, which leads to him getting an absurd amount of attention when a majority are trying to really reach @JonnyBones’ twitter account.

Here, we get to know the video game developer Jon Jones just a little bit better. We even get to see @jonjones read some of the mean tweets that happened to be directed at his account.

Despite the case of the mistaken Twitter handle, the purple-haired Jon Jones is making the most of the situation and as you can see from the videos, he is having fun with it.

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This article first appeared on on 10/31/2017.

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