The Buchholz Breakdown! “Pettis Vs. Dos Anjos” Edition


What do you get when you combine a former UFC fighter and a former college wrestler/current Mario Kart enthusiast? You get Stud Show Radio, one of the most popular MMA podcast around, hosted by Team Alpha Male’s Justin Buchholz and Chris Carlino aka Sir Studboy.

Episode 50 went live Tuesday night in a special episode dedicated to breaking down the upcoming NCAA wrestling tournament, but that doesn’t mean the guys could resist talking about MMA just a little bit. The hosts, joined by WSOF featherweight champion Lance Palmer and top UFC flyweight Joseph Benavidez, talked about this past Saturday’s UFC fights. More specifically they discussed the shocking main event, where challenger Rafael dos Anjos dominated champion Anthony Pettis for 25 minutes.

Check out what Buchholz had to say about Dos Anjos performance and what he thinks may have effected Pettis:

“I Tweeted, I said it looks like Lance Armstrong charging up the fucking mountain in his yellow jersey. He got stronger, faster, sharper as the fight went on. He got kicked in the face and he just ate it up like Pac-Man.”

“He worked over Pettis man. Pettis didn’t win like a minute of the fight.”

“Like right from the get, he through his left kick super hard and hit him with a cross. You know, Pettis got cracked a little bit and then he was behind like every time. He kept touching his eye, he hurt his eye bad. He just went out and jumped on him.”

“I don’t think so, I think his brother just got KO’d, that leading into the fight definitely had something to do with it.”

“I don’t know how wise it is to put the champion–and have his little brother, who he loves, like if you watched the Embedded it was just him and his brother, like ‘me and my little bro’ like ‘I don’t need to hang out with other people.’ And it’s just him and his little brother and then his little brother goes out there and it’s like he’s thinking ‘wow, my little brother is so good. He trains with Duke Rufus, he’s my carbon copy and he just got put away. That’s like the unthinkable.”

“He looked like he didn’t have the same energy or intensity levels that he usually has.”


By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter

Watch that segment below:

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