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Professional Fighters League (PFL)

PFL Announces Final Additions to 2019 Roster

Nolan King - April 1, 2019

Monday morning, the PFL announced the final roster additions to their sophomore season via ESPN. Making the final cut were twenty lucky combatants from all over the globe. Notable names include returning PFL veterans Ronny Markes and Francimar Barroso, UFC veterans Jeremy Kennedy, Glaico Franca, Ronys Torres, and Damon Jackson, as well as fan-favorite Contender Series veteran Chris Curtis.

Rony Jason

UFC Fight Night 106 Results: Jeremy Kennedy defeats Rony Jason (Highlights)

Chris Taylor - March 11, 2017

A featherweight scrap between Rony Jason and Jeremy Kennedy served as the featured bout of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 106 Fight Pass prelims in Brazil. Round one begins and Jason comes forward with a leaping right hand. Kennedy goes upstairs with a head kick which is partially blocked. Kennedy circles and pops a nice jab. Jason charges forward but Jeremy avoids him and then connects with a leg kick. Rony comes forward and lands a nice jab to the body. He continues to press forward and lands a right hand. More pressure from Rony and he lands a flying knee. The strike knocks Kennedy to the floor but he seems to be ok. Jeremy quickly works his way back up and then presses Jason against the fence. Kennedy scores with a takedown. He lands some ground and pound before Jason returns to his feet. The stand-up is short-lived as Kennedy drags Jason back to the canvas. Good shots from the top by Jeremy. Jason scrambles and gets back up but Kennedy immediately brings him back to the floor. Kennedy with a nasty elbow from the top. He works some short shots and then a couple of hard elbows. Round one comes to an end.