Videos | 3 on 3 MMA Fights result in absolute chaos

3 on 3 MMA Fight
3 on 3 MMA Fight

As expected the 3 on 3 MMA Fight between Team Demony and Team Gladiatorzy resulted in absolute chaos today in Poland.

Poland is well known for allowing some unconventional fights to take place. Just last week one of the regional promotions in the area put on a 3 on 1 mixed martial arts fight, which resulted exactly how you would have imagined (see that here).

While the odds were initially even for the start of today’s 3 on 3 MMA Fight, that did not prevent the contest from culminating in absolute chaos.

Check out the crazy footage below courtesy of @streetfitebncho on Twitter:

In addition to the 3 on 3 men’s action, today’s event also featured six women battling it out inside of the cage.

Check out the absurd highlights from the women’s 3 on 3 MMA Fight below:

What did we learn from all of this madness? Well, if you want to watch something utterly mad happen in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), heading to Poland is probably a good idea.

In addition to the countries leading promotion in KSW, which is often regarded as one of the best MMA promotions in Europe, Poland is the home of some really wacky events. From celebrities squaring off to new innovations previously never seen before at the elite level, they’re always looking to find interesting ways of reinventing the sport.

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