Palmer: ‘I woke up naked next to a naked TJ Dillashaw


Being on a team its only natural for you to grow closer to your teammates and build relationships that will last for lifetimes.

Then there’s waking up naked next to you teammate.

On Submission Radio, WSOF champ and Team Alpha Male fighter Lance Palmer talked about a time when he woke up with a naked T.J. Dillashaw in his bed. Just read the story.

“Me and TJ Dillashaw woke up naked together one time. But that’s pretty much one of the craziest ones. But I can tell you, nothing weird happened. We were both passed out and we were living in Vegas, coaching the ultimate fighter at the time. So it was pretty funny ’cause we were on different floors but we lived in the same exact setup of room. So both of our rooms looked identical and we were both blacked out, and he must’ve thought that he was in his room. So he laid out all his stuff out like in the bathroom on the counter, and he just got in bed.

“We didn’t even know we were in the same bed as each other, ’cause we just had pillows between each other and we were just blacked out. And we woke up and our buddy Tommy walked in the room and I was in the shower and he’s like ‘Who’s in there with you?’ And I was like ‘Nobody, why?’ And he was like ‘Somebody’s in there.’

“And he walked over there and TJ got up and he was butt naked too, and we were like ‘What the fu—?’ And it was just … it was hilarious. We were just, had a crazy night out, we came back, we wrecked the whole apartment, threw chairs and broke chairs and broke the tables and stole furniture. It was a pretty good time though. That was that was probably one of the more memorable ones.”

Relationships that will last a lifetime….


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