Joe Schilling brutally knocks out bar patron, claims self-defense (Video)


Former Bellator fighter and GLORY kickboxer Joe Schilling brutally knocked out a patron at a bar in a video going viral on social media.

The video of Schilling knocking a man out has been making the rounds. Watch the video below and see what you think for yourself. In the video, it appears as though Schilling and a man bump into each other, the man says something, then he gets knocked out cold.

Schilling himself took to his social media to release a statement about the incident, which he himself posted before it was deleted. According to “Sitch ‘Em Up,” he punched the bar patron out of self-defense and also claimed that the man that he knocked out is a racist.

Self defense is apparently not what this country is about anymore dont trip I got the video love you guys thanks for the concern and support during my life threatening experience. Big shout out to @theyardmuaythai for preparing me for this life threatening situation #f*ckracists

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this incident. So far we have not heard of any sort of legal action involving law enforcement, although it’s certainly possible there will be legal ramifications given the violent nature of the incident, and the fact it was caught on camera. Schilling seems to believe that he was the one in the right here, but it would certainly be interesting to hear what the man who was knocked out cold has to say.

Schilling (4-6) last fought at Bellator 229 in October 2019 and lost by KO to Tony Johnson. The 37-year-old Los Angeles resident competed in kickboxing and boxing before committing to MMA, though he hasn’t fought for Bellator in nearly two years.

What do you think about this incident in the bar between Joe Schilling and this man?

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