Cody McKenzie Returns To MMA At WSOF 18

Cody McKenzie

Cody McKenzie recent retired from MMA, and by recent we mean 2 months ago.

Following his release from the UFC in 2013, McKenzie went 1-2 on the regional scene, going on a 2-fight losing streak before briefly retiring from MMA.

McKenzie is now back in the game, and will be fighting at “WSOF 18: Moraes vs. Hill” this Thursday night against Andrew McInnes.

He spoke to MMAFighting to discuss his return.

“It was a pretty quick retirement. I lived off my funds as long as I could and when they ran out, sometimes you gotta come out of retirement. Even if it’s [two] months later.”

“I’m just doing it as a hobby now. I’m not looking at this as a job anymore, because it’s not a job really. I guess it is. I get some money or whatever. But yeah, I never got into this for the money. I think that’s where I got burnt out for awhile, trying to chase the money when it’s not there.”

“I just got the itch again. It’s always there. I like fighting people and people kept calling me asking me to fight. I turned some down. Now I’m just at the point where I need money. Might as well take some fights.”