VIDEO | Conor McGregor sparks celebrities to do Vince McMahon’s power walk

Conor McGregor isn’t the first one to do it, but he has surely lit the fire to bring it to a lot of people’s attention.

WWE boss, Vince McMahon was the one to make the “power walk” famous and “The Notorious” has taken it with him right into the Octagon.

Back in his rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 202, McGregor strutted in the Octagon with the famous walk shortly after entering the ring. “The Notorious” brought the swagger back with him into the Octagon at UFC 205 for his historic UFC lightweight title fight against Eddie Alvarez.

McGregor’s success and character is being noticed by the masses and some fellow celebrities have joined in on the power walk, now being more associated with McGregor than McMahon due to the recent surge in popularity of the UFC champion.

Memphis Grizzlies Marc Gasol did his version of the strut after putting his team up with just seconds left in the game to take the win against the LA Clippers a few days after UFC 205.

Here we see NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal bust out the power walk while on set hosting NBA on TNT. “I’m Irish, right?” O’Neal said in the short clip posted on social media.

NFL’s Kiko Alonso also posted his “Notorious” moment while on the field. The Miami Dolphins linebacker even posted a side-by-side video of his walk and McGregor’s, showing his tribute to the Irish superstar.

Alonso captioned his post, “Had to give em the Notorious walk! @TheNotoriousMMA @MiamiDolphins #Pick6 #FinsUp #yatusabe.”

Soccer superstar Paul Pogba, who plays for Manchester United was also seen after UFC 205 doing his version of McGregor’s power walk during warm ups at practice.

Whether you like it or not, Conor McGregor is turning heads and making people take notice. Some of these other big stars from the traditional world of sports are aware of what the mixed martial arts superstar is up to and obviously loving it by emulating “The Notorious.”

h/t MMA Fighting