VIDEO | Chael Sonnen tells a story of his ‘d*ck’ move to shut Wanderlei Silva up

Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva had a huge rivalry back when they were both fighting in the UFC.

The two former coaches of TUF Brazil 3 were scheduled to fight at the finale but both Silva and Sonnen were suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission prior to the bout taking place as Silva evaded a random drug test and Sonnen failed two drug tests.

However, prior to their suspensions, the TUF Brazil 3 season nearly ended on the first day after Silva walked off set, not able to take all of the antics from Sonnen.

Sonnen said he pulled Silva aside to talk to him to make the show work, telling Silva that he needs to be the protagonist of the season and Sonnen would take the role of antagonist.

“And [Silva] goes on and on about sportsmanship and honor,” Sonnen said on Monday’s edition of the MMA Hour of their incident (transcribed by MMA Fighting). “It’s like, dude, this isn’t little league baseball, man. You could take all those great little sayings that your coach told you or you got in a fortune cookie and you can shove them up your ass when I’m around, because I don’t care about any of them. This is a fistfight in a steel cage. There’s nothing about honor and sportsmanship. This is about an applause and a paycheck. That’s what it is. So I’m explaining this thing to him, and he’s telling me how to do it. ‘You’ve got to do this and you’ve got to do that.’ I just stop and I go: ‘Wanderlei, stop. Between us, just stop. I am the highest paid fighter in the history of the sport. I’m the biggest draw in the history of this sport. Do you really think you should be giving me advice, or should you be taking it? Should you be copying me?’

“He just tore right into me,” Sonnen said. “This is the dick part. So, I’m on my phone. I’ve got my phone, I bank with Bank of America, I’ve got a mobile app. I log into my Bank of America app and I just show it to him. And I said, ‘do you really think that you should be giving me advice, or should you just come along for the ride and let me take it from here?’

“And his whole expression, he didn’t say it but he was like, alright, let’s go do the show. And that’s actually where that ended. I know that makes me a prick, but that’s what changed him right there, is I freaking showed him, ‘hey, I know what I’m doing here. You do your thing and let me carry us.'”

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