VIDEO | Joe Rogan beats Francis Ngannou’s PowerKube score with a kick

In the lead-up to UFC 220’s heavyweight title showdown between champion Stipe Miocic and challenger Francis Ngannou, much was made of Ngannou’s absurd, fight-ending punching power.

In the promotional material for this fight, the UFC attempted to attach a number to Ngannou’s ridiculous knockout power by having him punch the UFC Performance Institute’s PowerKube, which claims to measure the force of a given blow. In a rather unsurprising twist, Ngannou set a new record on this machine, surpassing kickboxer Tyrone Spong’s previous record with a score of 129,161.

Now, that lofty record has been broken by the most unlikely of people: UFC color commentator Joe Rogan. Granted, Rogan shattered Ngannou’s record with a kick, which generates far more force than a punch. Yet this is certainly still a testament to Rogan’s power all the same.

In the video above, Rogan can be seen scoring North of 130,000 with his kicks – in jeans. Apparently, this isn’t even his highest score. On the latest episode of The JRE MMA Show, Rogan revealed that he actually cleared the 150,000 mark in a more recent collision with the PowerKube.

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“I think [Ngannou] got 120-something,” Rogan said of Ngannou’s score. “129, that’s so crazy! That’s what I get with a kick – with legs that carry you around all day.”

“He got 129,161 with a punch, I got 152,000 today, bitch,” he added of his more recent score.

While it’s clear that Rogan’s kick generates more power than Ngannou’s punch, you’ve got to wonder what kind of power Ngannou could generate with a kick. Better yet, let’s get every member of the UFC heavyweight division to kick the PowerKube as hard as they can, and find out once and for all who deals the most devastating blows in the UFC.

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Are you surprised by Joe Rogan’s PowerKube score?

This article first appeared on on 3/26/2018.

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