EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | Diego Sanchez and BJ Penn use this Off Vertical Axis Rotational Device to sharpen their skills

By Russell Ess - March 21, 2016

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Diego Sanchez

JacksonWink MMA fighters Diego Sanchez and BJ Penn were in Texas recently to get some testing and training done that isn’t commonly seen from other camps in the MMA community.

Both Sanchez and Penn went on an Off Vertical Axis Rotational Device to sharpen balance and coordination at the Cerebrum Health Center in Texas.

From the Cereburm Health Center:
Our patented Off Vertical Axis Rotational Device (OVARD) provides neurological rehabilitation to patients whose lives have been affected by concussions, physiological and neurological disorders, and other conditions that may benefit from brain-based therapy. It targets the vestibular system, which affects balance, spatial orientation and movement. As the name suggests, this cutting-edge technology literally rotates the patient, who sits in a chair that spins in a precisely controlled manner. The specific angle, roll, and speed depend on the patient’s motion profile, which is determined by the battery of diagnostic testing each patient undergoes. This rotation stimulates the vestibular system to encourage neural activity in parts of the brain that have been affected by illness or injury. In keeping with Cerebrum Health Centers’ use of intensive therapies, our patented Off Vertical Axis Rotational Therapy (OVART) is administered up to three times a day, typically over a period of five days. It is often one step in a multi-step rehabilitation program in which the patient undergoes other physical, visual and cognitive therapies aimed at strengthening the connections in the area of the brain stimulated by our patented Off Vertical Axis Rotational Device (OVARD).

With being in the fight game for so long, Sanchez and Penn took to science to see what areas of their game could be focused on for overall improvement.

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