VIDEO | RVCA // BJ Penn – Inspired By

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UFC Hall of Fame legend BJ Penn has been with his clothing sponsor RVCA since the early days of his professional MMA career. Penn and RVCA grew together to great heights as “The Prodigy” was one of the few fighters sporting the action sports logo in the Octagon.

“RVCA was the one who stepped up first,” says Penn. “RVCA was the one who took care of me from day one. I’m just so lucky that Pat [Tenore] decided to sponsor me and it just so happens they had the best clothes. You know I just got put in a lucky situation. Getting chicken skin already man talking about it. It’s been a while. It’s been a while I been with PM.”

In this inspiring piece put together by RVCA featuring Penn, “The Prodigy” says, “What inspires me is the never ending, infinite possibilities of martial arts and I will always search for the next new thing.”

“Everybody is saying, ‘Why are you fighting again?’ You know, and this and that. That’s just what inspires me. Because I ask myself, ‘Why am I even here? You’re in the Hall of Fame, two belts. You’ve had a lot of tough fights. You’ve got beat up, been in the hospital, this and that and why do you do it again?’ Because I can. Because I can. That’s why,” Penn said of his return to the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 97 in Manila taking place on October 15.

“Talent is nothing. Talent grows on trees, everybody has talent. You gotta do something with it. You gotta go make something out of it. That’s what inspires me every day.”

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