Nick The Tooth kicked off “Lookin’ For A Fight” after nearly fighting Dana White

Dana White

Earlier this year, UFC President Dana White hit the road with former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra, and his good friend Nick The Tooth for his “Lookin’ For A Fight” series.

Several episodes of the series ran on YouTube, and UFC Fight Pass, bringing fans some pretty epic content. From the trio being tased, to finding Mickey Gall, CM Punk’s opponent for UFC 203, fans loved the footage of White, Serra, and Nick.

Unfortunately however, things behind the scenes weren’t as good as they appeared to be in front of the cameras.

Serra joined Bruce Buffer’s “It’s Time” podcast to discuss the situation, where he revealed that he beat Tooth in a grappling contest, which resulted in Nick attempting to keep the footage from being included in the episode. In addition, Tooth attempted to keep the footage of the trio being tased from being included in the show. Demanding that White and Serra admit that he was the only one who was actually tased:

“People have been asking me about Nick The Tooth. ‘Why is he not on the show anymore?’ I mean, I don’t know if you wanna go down that path but I’ll talk about it if that’s what you want to get to. You can get his side, it’s weird with The Tooth because we had such a great chemistry on the show. He’s a little bit of a whacky guy but I think that’s what made the show very interesting.”

“Dana calls me and he goes, ‘Hey man, Tooth’s off the f*****g show.’ I go, ‘What? What the hell happened?’ He says, ‘We almost got into a fist fight at an Agent Orange concert.’ And this is how it went down. Joe Silva asked [Nick], ‘Hey man, how was it to roll with Matt?’ And he was asking him like a nice — like, ‘Oh, how’d that feel?’ And that guy, right away, goes ‘Oh that fat mother f****r set me up dude!’ The guy attacked me, this f**k. Not only that, he goes, ‘I want you to admit that you guys really didn’t get tased or else I’m walking off the show.’”

“Dana’s like, ‘I’m not saying that didn’t f*****g happen, it happened! What do you want me to say? We didn’t set you up.’”

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