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Video | Japanese fighter bloodied by chair-wielding challenger during BreakingDown 6 press conference

International mixed martial arts continues to get crazier and crazier with the introduction of various promotions setting up fights between would-be amateur fighters. It’s unsurprising that events like this are leading to a serious uptick in assaults outside of the cage.

We’ve seen a lot of crazy things unfold at Russian and Eastern European press conferences. Now we have fighters getting hit in the face with chairs at a Japanese press conference.

The promotion in question is BreakingDown, part of a series of shows promoted by ‘Fighting Lawyer’ Teppei Horo. He’s partnered with Japanese YouTube sensation Mikuru Asakura. Asakura is best known as the guy who recently boxed Floyd Mayweather in RIZIN, getting KO’d in the second round of their exhibition bout.

The BreakingDown series of fight events is rather unique. It drafts fighters through a quasi-American Idol sit-down where the hopeful fighters talk trash to each other and the judges. Over 1500 men and women are interviewed. Contestants that pique the interest of Mikuru Asakura and his panel are booked to fight.

The fights themselves are one minute long. Yes, that’s right: one minute long. According to BreakingDown’s website, “No one can blink and no one can predict what will happen. It is possible that a second ‘Mikuru Asakura’ will be born overnight.” The confrontational selection process encourages over-the-top behavior, and scuffles regularly occur. It was only a matter of time before things went too far.

The incident occurred when Adoribu Masao, lit up with a bunch of LED toys for some reason, gave his opponent Satoru Kubota a blinky ring and then kissed him on the cheek. That didn’t seem to bother Kubota too much. But after a back and forth, Kubota suddenly grabbed his chair, ran across the stage, and smashed Masao in the face with it. Masao fell backwards off the stage as pandemonium ensued.

During other scuffles from the BreakingDown 6 press conference, security managed to step in and stop things before violence ensued. Adoribu Masao himself even helped stop a few brawls. Unfortunately, no one moved fast enough to save Masao himself from taking a metal chair directly to the head.

Masao emerged bleeding from his eye and was led off stage to be tended to. In the official YouTube version, he simply disappears after getting attacked. The bloody aftermath was completely edited out.

What do you think of the BreakingDown concept, PENN Nation? Is it giving mixed martial arts a bad name or is Mikuru Asakura bringing spectacle back to the sport a good thing? Let us know in the comments!

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