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WWE star Matt Riddle reflects on wrestling victories over Jon Jones: “He’s always been a top-tier competitor”

Matt Riddle has shared his stories about wrestling former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

These days, the Las Vegas native stars on WWE Raw as a high-flying athletic wrestler. Riddle has taken so well to the world of professional wrestling that many fans might not know that he used to be a fighter. In fact, he was a very good one.

Years before USADA was in the UFC, the promotion relied on state athletic commissions for drug testing. While most fighters had no issues passing the tests, one man did. That man was Riddle, who failed multiple drug tests for marijuana during his UFC stint from 2008 to 2013.

After one too many drug suspensions, the UFC cut Matt Riddle. While he’s a great professional wrestler, he’s still a fan of the sport, and has MMA references in his matches. Recently, Daniel Cormier was the special guest referee for one of Riddle’s matches.

Following that appearance, the fighter-turned-wrestler appeared on the DC and RC podcast. There, Cormier asked Riddle if he believed that Jon Jones was on steroids when he faced him.

In high school, the future WWE star and UFC champion clashed on the wrestling mats twice. Both times, Riddle got the better of Jones, showcasing his incredible talent. Years later, the pro wrestler has reflected on the matchups, and praised his former foe.

Jon Jones, Heavyweight, UFC 282

“I’ll say that Jon Jones, like him or not, he’s always been a top-tier competitor since I’ve known him since high school and throughout his UFC career and etc.,” Riddle said. “He might — I’m not gonna get into anything else, but I don’t think when I beat him he was cheating yet. I don’t think he used any PEDs or was on any stimulants or anything like that. I think he was young.” (h/t MMAFighting)

He continued, “I remember his family was always there and it was a very family-oriented environment. Jon was always super kind to me and so was his whole family. But I think he was still on the straight and narrow then, bro. But I think that helped.”

“I’ve heard some stories and stuff like that [about Jones] but I don’t know if they’re factual or fiction,” Riddle concluded. “You know, a lot of people say crazy things. But he’s failed some tests. I’m not gonna say anything because I’ve failed some tests, too. I don’t wanna go there. I don’t throw rocks, I live in a glass house, you know what I’m saying, bro? But all I know is I think he was young and still just working his way up.”

Currently, Jon Jones is expected to return later this year in a UFC interim heavyweight title fight. Meanwhile, Matt Riddle wrestles under the Raw brand in the WWE ring every Monday.

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