VIDEO | Irish pub owners pour Conor McGregor’s whiskey down toilet

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Irish pub owners in Florida have given up on Conor McGregor as a video of one owner pouring bottles of Proper No. 12 whiskey down the toilet has emerged.

Staff at Salty Shamrock pub in Apollo Beach, Florida posted a video of them pouring their supply of Proper No. 12 whiskey down the drain. Owner Sean Rice was at the forefront of the pouring, in retaliation to the video of McGregor allegedly punching an elderly man.

“That’s the low life there that we’ve all supported,” Rice is heard saying while pointing to a framed photo of McGregor atop a toilet. Check out the video here.

“Cheers to you,” another staff member says.

“Alright guys, get that in the toilet, because that’s where his whiskey belongs right now,” Rice says. “Get in here. Proper 12, to hell with it. It will never be sold in this bar.”

A number of staff at the bar then proceed to pour bottles of Proper No. 12 whiskey down the toilet.

“That’s where McGregor’s whiskey belongs. He’s a scumbag lowlife,” Rice says as the staff continue to pour the bottles down the toilet. “It smells strong doesn’t it?”

The owner then points back to the framed photo of McGregor.

“That picture right there? Throw it in the trash,” Rice says.

They then flush the toilet.

The owner then shows himself collecting all the empty bottles of Proper No. 12.

“We are now Proper 12 free in the Salty Shamrock,” Rice declares.

The framed photo of McGregor is then removed from the glass and the picture of him is torn up by a staffer.

“Life’s too short to be associated with scumbags,” Rice says.

The empty bottles are then taken outside and thrown into the trash, never to be seen again.

“Throw them hard, break them, there you go,” Rice says.

“Well folks, that’s how I felt about a so-called Irishman punching an old man in a bar. Just disgusting behaviour.”

What do you think of this video of the bar owners pouring McGregor’s whiskey down the toilet?

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