Video | Colby Covington before and after he turned heel

Colby Covington, Donald Trump
Image via @colbycovmma on Instagram

Colby Covington might be the most disliked fighter on the UFC roster but it has not always been that way.

Recently, Covington turned heel and upped his personality of being a MAGA and Donald Trump fan. It immediately made many fans start to hate him. Yet, in a recent YouTube video by Chris Chan, he clipped together interviews by Colby Covington in the early days of his UFC career and now and it shows how much he turned heel.

Colby Covington has also been vocal about what meeting Donald Trump has done for him.

“Man, that was such an incredible experience,” Colby Covington said of his visit with the first family on BJPENN.COM Radio. “I mean truly one of a kind, obviously. No one’s ever gotten the first family to come to a fight, so that was already history as it was. And the first family coming into my locker room — we got to chat for a couple minutes before I fought — it was incredible, man. I felt the dragon energy from them.

“I wasn’t going to be stopped that night,” Colby Covington added. “It doesn’t matter if King Kong was in there, if Godzilla was in there. It didn’t matter if [Lawler] was the scariest guy in the division; [the guy] who scared Tyron Woodley — who had a sore thumb, who pulled out [of his rematch with Lawler]. He scared Woodley into hiding. He scared Ben Askren into hiding. So, we all know how dangerous he is. And to get the First Family to come to the front row, amazing.”

Colby Covington is coming off a dominant TKO win over Tyron Woodley in the main event of UFC Vegas 11. After the win, he made it clear he would only be fighting Jorge Masvidal or Kamaru Usman next.

What do you make of this video showing Colby Covington before and after he turned heel?

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