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Uriah Hall shares his take on UFC fighter pay: “Ring card girls are making $70,000, which is utterly f**king ridiculous”

Former UFC fighter Uriah Hall has given his thoughts on the current state of fighter pay in the promotion.

For so many years, Uriah Hall switched between being one of the most entertaining fighters in mixed martial arts to being someone who couldn’t quite live up to his potential. There was seemingly no point in between and after dropping consecutive losses to André Muniz and Sean Strickland, he was released by the promotion earlier this year.

Now, in a crazy turn of events, he’ll be entering the world of professional boxing to battle former NFL star Le’Veon Bell.

During a conference call for the bout, which will feature on the undercard of Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva at the end of this month, Hall wound up getting into the fighter pay debate.

“It’s okay [his pay in boxing],” Hall said about his pay in boxing. “Listen, the UFC opened my career and extended my career. I made a great deal and everybody’s contract is different. There’s a lot of things that aren’t fair. I don’t think certain things are fair to athletes and for [Jake Paul] to speak out on that, kudos to him but is anything done yet? Nope. How far can we take it?

“You don’t have to go too much into details but I know people that are making [$10,000 to show, $10,000 to win], which is ridiculous,” he continued. “Cause you’re going out there and fighting and you’re putting your brain cells on the line and f***ing ring card girls are making $70,000, which is utterly f***ing ridiculous. So yeah, there’s some s*** that’s just not going down but compared to this it’s okay. You know your worth as you get older in your career, I think, especially when you put a lot on the line for it and some people feel like they deserve more. At one point, I felt like I deserved more and I had to fight for that.”

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