UFC Vegas 17 Results: Anthony Pettis defeats Alex Morono (Highlights)

Anthony Pettis
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A welterweight bout featuring Anthony Pettis taking on Alex Morono serves as the featured prelim of tonight’s UFC Vegas 17 event.

The UFC’s former lightweight champion, Pettis (23-10 MMA), will be competing for the first time since May’s UFC 249 event, where he scored a unanimous decision victory over Donald Cerrone. That win snapped a two-fight losing skid for ‘Showtime‘, as Anthony Pettis had previously suffered setbacks to Nate Diaz and Carlos Diego Ferreira.

Meanwhile, Alex Morono (18-6 MMA) is coming off a unanimous decision win over Rhys McKee in his most recent effort this past November. That win was preceded by a 27-second knockout loss to Khaos Williams at UFC 247.

Round one of the UFC Vegas 17 featured prelim begins and Alex Morono comes out quickly. Pettis attempts a high kick but Morono blocks it and takes him down. Alex immediately takes Anthony’s back and begins landing big shots. Anthony Pettis is already bleeding. Morono begins working for a rear-naked choke. ‘Showtime’ looks to scramble but Alex secures a body triangle to shutdown the escape. Another scramble from Pettis and this time he lands on top. Alex Morono immediately moves to lock up a triangle but can’t. Back to the feet now and Pettis lands a jab. He follows that up with a good right hand. A body kick lands for ‘Showtime’. Morono looks to press forward but Anthony circles out. Alex Morono leaps in with a combination. Anthony Pettis returns fire with a high kick which is blocked. He lands a nice spin kick to the body of Morono. Alex shoots in and presses Pettis up against the cage. He drags ‘Showtime’ to the ground but Anthony sweeps and winds up on top. The horn sounds to end round one.


Round two of the UFC Vegas 17 featured prelim begins and Alex Morono comes out quickly. Pettis tags him with a low kick. Alex replies with one of his own. He follows that up with a jab. Another low kick lands for the former lightweight world champion. Morono continues to come forward. He looks to shoot in for a takedown but Pettis is able to avoid and slip out. Alex Morono lands a good left hook. Anthony Pettis answers with a low kick. He follows that up with a right hand and then a kick to the body. He misses with a wild spinning backfist attempt. Another low kick from Pettis. Morono continues to chase him but Pettis is landing all the strikes. Alex finally scores with a right hand up the middle. Anthony attempts an axe kick but misses the mark. Both men land right hands in the pocket Morono blitzes forward but Pettis lands a good counter. Alex with a low kick. Pettis lands a jab and then a nice hook. Alex Morono fires back with a crisp jab up the middle. Anthony Pettis with a hard inside low kick followed by a good right hand over the top. The fighters exchange kicks as the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Anthony Pettis lands a good shot right off the hop. Morono looks to shoot in and is able to take ‘Showtime’ to the floor. Pettis immediately scrambles and is able to take top position. Another crafty move from the veteran. Pettis begins to work in some right hands while Morono searches for a submission from off his back. The fighters are battling right against the cage and Alex Morono is looking to use the fence to get back to his feet. Anthony Pettis continues to pepper him with ground and pound. Morono looks to seize a triangle but Pettis is wise to it and quickly escapes. Alex scrambles and is able to get back to his feet. Pettis still has him pressed up against the cage and works some knees to the thighs. Alex Morono breaks free and then leaps in with a combination. Anthony Pettis with a huge right hand and then a spinning wheel kick Morono is hurt. Pettis follows him to the ground and unleashes ground and pound.

Official UFC Vegas 17 Result: Anthony Pettis def. Alex Morono by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

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This article first appeared on BJPENN.com December 19, 2020

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM