UFC commentator Brendan Fitzgerald discusses “awkward” production meeting incident with Joshua Fabia and Diego Sanchez on Fight Island

Brendan Fitzgerald
Image Credit: UFC

UFC play-by-play commentator Brendan Fitzgerald discussed the production meeting incident with Joshua Fabia and Diego Sanchez on Fight Island.

Last week, it was revealed that the UFC had cut Sanchez after a back-and-forth email exchange with the promotion’s lawyer Hunter Campbell. Sanchez and Fabia were requesting medical documents and the UFC believed that it was the right call to release him instead. Later on, there was a video leaked of an argument between Fabia and the UFC production team on Fight Island. Fitzgerald himself was in the room for it and speaking to John Hyon Ko of South China Morning Post, he gave his thoughts on the situation.

“I don’t think it’s Diego doing it. I think it’s Josh Fabia doing it. It’s getting his name out there. And some people, they don’t care how they get their name out there. Does he look bad in his own eyes? Probably not. Probably thinking he looked good. And he’s probably trying to take down the UFC or whatever,” Brendan Fitzgerald said.

“It’s a weird situation. I was in that room on Fight Island and it was awkward. It seemed just really out of place. Almost seemed like he was asking for us to defend him. When people on YouTube, MMA media in general, if they took shots at him, he thought it was on our broadcast team to defend him,” continued Fitzgerald. “To talk about how good he is and everybody else is wrong. That’s not what we do. We kinda call it like how we see it. We talk about training and coaches if it’s relevant to the story.”

It is unfortunate that Sanchez’s UFC career ended in this fashion, but based on the circumstances with his coach Fabia, it was a situation that seemed unavoidable.

Do you think the UFC made the right call releasing Diego Sanchez after this production meeting on Fight Island with Joshua Fabia that went sideways?

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