UFC 283 Results: Jamahal Hill defeats Glover Teixeira (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - January 21, 2023

Tonight’s UFC 283 is headlined by a fight between Glover Teixeira and Jamahal Hill for the promotions vacant light heavyweight title.

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Teixeira (33-8 MMA) will be returning to action for the first time since losing the 205lbs strap to Jiri Prochazka at UFC 275 in June of 2022. That setback had snapped a six-fight winning streak for the 43-year-old veteran.

Meanwhile, Jamahal Hill (11-1 MMA) will enter UFC 283 sporting a three-fight winning streak, his latest being a TKO victory over Thiago Santos in August of 2022. Prior to that, ‘Sweet Dreams’ was coming off back-to-back knockout victories over Johnny Walker and Jimmy Crute.

Round one of the UFC 283 headliner begins and the fighters touch gloves. Glover Teixeira shoots for a takedown. Jamahal Hill is doing a good job of defending early. He land a knee and then another. A big low kick from ‘Sweet Dreams’. Glover misses with a right hand. He shoots for a takedown but Hill shrugs him off. Teixeira looks to force the clinch but can’t do so. Jamahal Hill with a hard low kick. Both men connect with good shots in the pocket. Hill with another low kick. Glover continues to shoot but he hasn’t found success yet. A big kick to the body from Hill. He follows that up with a good combination. A big right and then an uppercut. Glover Teixeira is still on his feet but he’s taking some damage early. A good knee to the body from Jamahal. He lands a nice kick behind that. Glover just misses with a left hook. He comes forward with some big shots. Jamahal Hill avoids and circles out. An accidental eye poke pauses the action. We restart and Teixeira lands a calf kick. He connects with another. Hill goes to the body with a kick. Glover utilizing some pressure here. He lands a left. Hill counters with a right. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC 283 main event begins and Glover Teixeira looks to close the distance early. Jamahal Hill swings and misses with a right. Glover goes to the body with a kick. ‘Sweet Dreams’ returns fire with one of his own. Another accidental eye poke forces a stop in the action. Once again we restart and both men are throwing big kicks. Hill wobbles Teixeira. He closes in and lands a big uppercut and then a right hand. Glover shoots for a desparate takedown but it is not there. The former champ with a big left. He lands a right and now Hill appears to be the one in trouble. Another high kick from Jamahal Hill appears to partially connect. Glover is busted up. Still, he shoots in for a takedown and this time he get it. Two minutes to work for the Brazilian legend. He moves to full mount and then transitions to the back. Hill scrambles back to full guard. Glover looks for an arm-triangle choke but Hill avoids and is able to scramble back to his feet. One minute remains. ‘Sweet Dreams’ is on the attack now. He goes upstairs with a head kick. Glover comes back with a combination. Jamahal Hill with a good right. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of the UFC 283 headliner begins and Glover Teixeira is quickly in on a takedown attempt. He forces Jamahal Hill up against the cage. ‘Sweet Dreams’ switches the position and then breaks free from the clinch. Hill with a snapping jab. He goes upstairs with a high kick and Glover is hurt. He goes down and Jamahal is on him with ground and pound. Big punches. Teixeira is a bloody mess. More big shots from Hill. Just over two minutes remain in the third round. Glover looks to sweep but is unable to do so. Jamahal let’s the former champ back up. Teixeira shoots but the takedown is not there. Hill with a big right hand. Both men connect with jabs. Jamahal Hill with another big combination. He looks for the head kick but this time it is blocked. One minute remains. Jamahal Hill with a left hand. Glover leaps in with a right. Both men with jabs. Hill decides to circle out and get back to range. Glover misses with a left hook. Hill counters with a knee. The horn sounds to end round three.


Round four of the UFC 283 main event begins and Glover Teixeira eats another head kick and then a knee. He forces the clinch and pushes Jamahal Hill against the cage. ‘Sweet Dreams’ switches the position and breaks free. He circles back out to range. Glover connects with a right hand. Hill answers with a kick to the body and then a big combination. Jamahal with another three-punch combo. Somehow Teixeira is still in there and winging punches. The former champ connects with a big left. Hill answers with a straight right. Glover with a left to the body. He goes to the head with a hook. Hill replies with a big combination. He lands another. One minute remains. Both men are swinging wildly now. Big uppercuts from ‘Sweet Dreams’. He lands a knee. He adds two more to the body. Glover backs off but then lands a jab. He goes to the body with a right hand. Hill with a left hand and then an uppercut. The horn sounds to end round four.

The fifth and final round begins and Glover Teixiera is in on a takedown. He gets it! The former champ is working from half guard. Glover moves to full mount. Somehow Jamahal sneaks out the back and winds up in top posiiton. Wow. He eventually opts to let the former champion back up to his feet. One minute remains. Hill with a good jab. He follows that up with a pair of kicks to the body. Glover swings and misses with a right.

Official UFC 283 Result: Jamahal Hill def. Glover Teixeira by unanimous decision

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