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Tyron Woodley takes aim at Dillon Danis with a freestyle dis, “El Jefe” responds

The UFC’s answer to 50 Cent strikes again. Tyron Woodley has called out Dillon Danis in a live-stream freestyle rap and the Bellator fighter has responded.

The former welterweight champion has a variety of career accolades that extend outside of MMA. At the start of the year, the 170-pound fighter featured on a track by the Glacier Boyz called Blow. He also released his own song called Money and The Love in August 2019. The track has amassed nearly 100k views and recieved a mixed bag of reactions. Watch the full clip below.

Whether you like his music track or not, the 37-year old has shown he can spit some bars. In an Instagram live stream, Tyron Woodley freestyled about the described “clout chaser” and Bellator welterweight, Dillon Danis.

“El Jefe” retweeted the clip and sarcastically congratulated the “non-grammy award-winning” performance:

what a honor non grammy award winning artist T- little woody making a fire freestyle about me, ferguson would be proud.”

The feuding fighters have had back and forth Twitter spats dating back to July 2019. The pair engaged in a heated exchange on social media after a photo emerged of Woodley with Jorge Masvidal. This was after “Gamebred” infamously knocked out Ben Askren who is T-Wood’s friend and training partner.

Dillon Danis took to social media to question Woodley’s loyalty. The former champ promptly fired back:

“Shut yo bitch ass up. Always clout chasing! It’s called a commercial idiot. I can’t control the talent they select. And the only thing you are loyal to is sucking at MMA and Conor McGregor whiskey bottle.”

Ever since, both fighters have taken the opportunity to poke fun at each other. “El Jefe” takes particular enjoyment in mocking Woodley’s music performances, and today was no exception. Are you a fan of Tyron Woodley’s rap music or are you team Danis? Sound off in the comments below.

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