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Sean Strickland and Jan Blachowicz continue to joust over Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine

UFC middleweight Sean Strickland has reignited his back and forth with Jan Blachowicz over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

There’s been a lot of social commentary from UFC fighters over the course of the last few weeks regarding the Russian invasion that’s currently taking place in Ukraine. Unsurprisingly, there are several different viewpoints, with Sean Strickland previously suggesting that Ukrainians should “bend the knee“. In response, former 205-pound champion Jan Blachowicz said the following.

“Would you? It is easy to give away someone else’s independence… The history of the Eastern European region is full of struggle and suffering. Ukraine – as a country and as a people – has endured much. Their resistance is understandable and admirable. Freedom!”

Now, over a week later, Strickland has opted to defend his opinion.

“35 days for Germany to take control of Poland. The only reason why there is a poland is ww2. Poland isn’t Ukraine. Their children’s children will be living in the rubble of Ukraine struggle under a Russian flag in 5 years. That is the cost. Russian sanctions are Ukraine sanctions”

That is the last thing I’ll say on this subject. Mark my words, what I say will come true, tell people to struggle, tell people to fight. There children’s children’s will live in poverty and destruction under a Russian flag. This is the reality.. Hard truths I know.”

While Strickland may believe in everything he’s saying, it might be wise to step back from an argument with someone like Blachowicz who was born and grew up in Poland.

What do you think about Sean Strickland’s latest string of remarks? Do you believe he is going to do even more harm to his reptuation if he continues his recent string of outbursts on social media? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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