Petr Yan shares Marlon Moraes knockout in latest jab at Aljamain Sterling: “Actor fought 4 months after that KO”

Petr Yan, TJ Dillashaw

UFC bantamweight Petr Yan shared the Marlon Moraes knockout in his latest jab at Aljamain Sterling: “Actor fought 4 months after that KO.”

Yan illegally kneed Sterling in the head while he was a downed opponent in a fight he was dominating at UFC 259. With the knee hurting Sterling badly enough to the point he could not continue, the fight was stopped and declared a DQ win for Sterling by referee Mark Smith. The call was controversial, as it was the first time in UFC history that a title has changed hands via disqualification. Based on the rules, it was a fair call made by the referee. However, Sterling winning the belt instead of Yan has affected the 135lbs title picture.

That’s because Sterling is potentially going to be going under the knife, which could keep him out for the rest of the year. Instead of a rematch between Yan and Sterling anytime soon, it looks like that will have to wait a while longer. That’s why Yan is on social media suggesting that Sterling be stripped of his belt, or possibly an interim title being created.

Taking to his Twitter, Yan took another shot at Sterling, re-posting a video of Sterling knocking out Moraes.

Actor fought 4 months after that KO, but still “concussed” after our fight

It’s true that Sterling did fight several months after Moraes knocked him out, but of course, he is in a different position now as the champion. Every win and loss is important in MMA, as Yan found out first hand himself when a single-second lapse of judgement cost him his title. If Sterling truly needs surgery then it makes sense for him to get it now, even though the optics don’t look the greatest.

What do you think about Aljamain Sterling not being able to fight anytime soon after defeating Petr Yan via DQ at UFC 259?

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