Anderson Silva gets choked up following news DMX has died: “DMX is part of my life… I’m very sad”

Anderson Silva
Image: Anderson Silva on Instagram

UFC legend Anderson Silva got choked up following the death of his friend DMX, explaining how devastated he is by his death.

DMX, real name Earn Simmons, died at age 50 on Friday, April 9, a week after being administered to the hospital due to a drug overdose seven days earlier. DMX was on life support for the past week after suffering from a heart attack, and ultimately, the doctors could not save him. Since his passing, which has been mourned by millions of his fans all over the world, a number of MMA athletes took to their social media to share their memories of the legendary rapper. One of the fighters who his death has hit the most is Silva, who used to walk out to his music. They were good friends and this death hurts him.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Silva got choked up and emotional talking about the passing of DMX. “The Spider” explained how the loss of his friend has left him so devastated because he believes that the singer and actor had so much to give to the world before he died.

“DMX is part of my life. I’m very sad because he is a huge man, a huge talent, and I’m sad. I’m very sad because this man has great potential to do something more and more in this world. For me, DMX is completely different because he’s very charismatic. And the talent that DMX has is completely different. He’s a good actor and singer. I’m sad. I’m very sad,” Silva said.

Silva is returning to the boxing ring in June when he takes on Julio Cesar Chavez. According to “The Spider,” he will honor his fallen friend by using his entrance music again.

“For sure, I will go and use his music (in my walkout) because it’s part of my life,” Anderson Silva said.

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