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Paddy Pimblett reveals he made just $12k/$12k for his UFC London fight

Paddy Pimblett did not make as much money as some may have thought for his UFC London bout against Kazula Vargas.

Although Pimblett is already a massive star and sponsored by Barstool, the Englishman revealed to Dave Portnoy on ‘The Dave Portnoy Show’ on Barstool that he made just $12k and $12k for his fight. That means he got $12k to show and $12k for his win meaning he pocketed $24k, but he did receive a $50k bonus.

“People love just to talk about how much you make, don’t they? It’s what they do,” Pimblett said when Portnoy asked him why everyone is curious what he made and followed it up by saying what he actually got. “12 and 12, so 12 to show, 12 to win. (24k total) and then the bonus.”

Molly McCann who is a teammate of Paddy Pimblett was also on the call and chimed in as to why he isn’t getting paid as much as many think.

Paddy Pimblett
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“You have to pay your dues, but I’ll tell you one thing, Dave, Dana will be getting the money out for our boy Patrick now,” McCann said.

After saying that, McCann revealed she made $40k and $40k for her KO win over Luana Carolina. However, she says she knows both she and Paddy Pimblett will make more money in their next fights.

“That was my eighth fight. Paddy will probably get paid more than me in his next deal,” McCann said.

Pimblett also didn’t seem worried about his contract as he knows he will get paid more in the very near future.

“It goes up after every fight but you are in a contract. Whenever they want to offer me a new one they will offer me a new one. I know what I signed in for,” Pimblett said.

Both Pimblett and McCann say the UFC does get more than just the pay as they get food and the PI. However, they both know the next time they step out they both will be paid a lot more money than what they got on Saturday night.

What do you make of Paddy Pimblett’s pay for his UFC London fight?

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