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Mike Tyson says he “would love” to box Anthony Joshua for charity

Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson says that he “would love” to step into the ring and box Anthony Joshua if it was for charity.

Tyson is set to make his return to the ring in November when he takes on Roy Jones Jr. in a heavyweight exhibition match between two legends of the sport. Although Tyson is 54 years old and hasn’t fought since 2005, he has been sharing plenty of videos of his training camp and he appears to be in incredible shape for his comeback.

Speaking to TMZ Sports ahead of his fight against Jones Jr., Tyson was asked if he would be open to taking on younger, modern-day heavyweights such as Joshua. Tyson said that as long as there’s a charity component attached to it, he’s open to doing so.

“I would love to do that (box Joshua). That would be mind-blowing,” Tyson said.

“Listen, I’m very interested. If doing that means that we can have a bigger charity exponent, well be it, I’m down to do that too. If it’s all being done out of an exponent of charity and if they’re down to do that, I’m with it too. Listen, it’s entertainment. It’s just for charity. It’s for a good cause. But we’re giving our best.”

Joshua is is the current No. 2 ranked heavyweight in the boxing world. He’s only 30 years old and was won 23 of his 24 career fights. Athletic commissions would likely have questions to the promoter if they tried to book Tyson vs. Joshua. Even if the bout was an exhibition charity match, the optics wouldn’t look good as it would still be a 30-year-old boxer against a 54-year-old boxer. The Jones Jr. fight and other aged legend fights like that seem to make much more sense for Tyson at this point in his career.

Would you like to watch Mike Tyson box Anthony Joshua for charity?

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