Michael Bisping doubtful Conor McGregor’s partying days are done

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Conor McGregor has been involved in plenty of trouble outside the cage, but the Irishman and his team have recently given reason to believe he’s cleaned up his act and dialed back his partying. While only time will tell if McGregor’s partying days are over, Michael Bisping isn’t fully convinced.

While making a guest appearance on MMA Tonight on Sirius XM, Bisping was asked about his thoughts on McGregor and his team saying his partying days are over. Although Bisping said he and McGregor don’t have a personal relationship these days, he compared McGregor’s situation to his own.

”I don’t have a personal relationship with Conor these days, so I don’t know, and far be it for me to say that him and his coach are lying,” Bisping said. “Here’s the thing, human beings fall and falter all the time. I, myself, am a human being. I say I don’t drink anymore, and I try not to drink, and I do a lot better but guess what? I might have had a few drinks last night, but I definitely mean it every time I say I’m done drinking and partying, and all that type of things.

“Now, Conor McGregor saying ‘those days are behind me’ guess what? He’s a human being and the Conor that I know is the Conor that likes to party, but still, it doesn’t make you a bad person,” Bisping added. “You got one life, enjoy yourself, as long as you’re not doing any harm to anybody else then it doesn’t matter.”

Bisping also predicted McGregor’s next fight. He believes a trilogy fight is up next for the former champion.

“What we like to see from Conor is the fights, and judging by the last fight against Cowboy Cerrone, he’s still got it,” Bisping said. “That was a tremendous performance and he made very short work of him. I’m very excited to see the next matchup, probably if I’m a gambling man, Nate Diaz.

“Nate Diaz came out of the woodwork the other day with a Tweet,” Bisping added. “Khabib has Ramadan coming up so therefore after this fight with Ferguson, he’s going to be fasting so he’s not going to be training for a fight. Therefore, if Conor wants to stay busy, keep earning money, and get a very big significant payday against relatively easy competition in Nate Diaz, and a fight that he would win in style and close out the trilogy, yeah there you go. He’s going to fight Nate Diaz, then probably fight Khabib.”

What do you make of think of these comments from Michael Bisping?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on 3/6/2020.   

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM