Mark Hunt reacts after scoring court win against the UFC and Dana White

By Adam D Martin - September 28, 2021

Former UFC heavyweight title contender Mark Hunt reacted after scoring a court win against the UFC and its president Dana White.

Mark Hunt, UFC

Hunt alleged that the UFC and White knew that Brock Lesnar took performance-enhancing drugs before his return to the Octagon at UFC 200 in July 2016, a fight that Lesnar won via unanimous decision. Following the fight, Lesnar tested positive for PEDs and the result of the fight was overturned to a No Contest. Hunt, however, continued to go after the UFC legally for putting him in the cage with a fighter who he says the UFC knew was using PEDs. Hunt filed a lawsuit against the UFC soon after, but the majority of his claims were thrown out in court in 2019. However, the appeals court reopened the case last week.

Taking to his social media following the positive news of a court victory, Hunt shared the following statement about where he stands right now in his lawsuit against the UFC.

Mark Hunt: This was never about money and it never ever will be, if it was I would have made different decisions leading to this point. This was about a fair and even playing field for ALL fighters. Dana White, Lorenzo Fertita, Frank Fertita @ufc never ever gave me and many other fighters an even playing field to compete. The battle is back on and at least some justice has been served. UFC fighters are still fighting for peanuts 16 percent (shared) is nothing considering you are putting your life in the hands of another when you enter the octogon. A UFC belt should hold prestige but it’s worthless when fighters are cheating and it takes away the integrity of the sport. What do you think people??? I love seeing your thoughts good or bad

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