Kevin Holland vents on UFC Vegas 5 fight cancellation: “I could bite somebody’s ear off”

Kevin Holland
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Kevin Holland is frustrated that his UFC Vegas 5 fight against Trevin Giles was cancelled and he wants everybody to know about it.

The middleweight prospect’s fight against Giles was cancelled at the last minute after his opponent fainted just moments before his walkout. Holland explained how he discovered the disappointing news and vented that he wants to “bite somebody’s ear off’ or “eat their kids”.

Holland explained the series of events that took place on Saturday 1 August at a press conference for the event. 

“Actually nobody got the chance to come back there and tell me the fight was off,” Holland recounted. “I was standing right in front of the TV monitor and I heard them say the fight was scratched and then you heard a big ‘oh nooo.’ Yeah, that was me. I just saw it on TV and I was like ‘what the heck happened dude.’

“I’m ready to hurt something,” Holland added. “I’m ready to go out there and do art, you know what I mean? I was hoping to paint a pretty picture on the canvas with some blood tonight, but I guess that’s not going to happen.

The Nevada Athletic Commission was responsible for cancelling the bout. Later on in the evening, the UFC showed footage of Giles seated on a chair. He appeared to be aware of his surrounding and had slightly recovered. However, it was too little too late as the Commission transported Giles for a full examination in hospital. Holland isn’t totally convinced and thinks his opponent’s fainting might have been intentional to get out of their fight.

“I mean he did an interview and somebody had brought it to my attention that he had made a comment like ‘every time one fight pulls out, he gets another fight and it’s tougher,'” he said. “So when you say stuff like that it’s like, what are you saying? Are you looking for a way out and then you pass out in the hallway?

“You know I hope there’s nothing wrong with the guy, I hope it’s not in a serious condition, I hope he didn’t cut too much weight or whatever the case may be, but in the back of my head, I honestly believe that he held his breath until he passed out so he didn’t get the smackdown from the smackman. That’s what I’m feeling.

“There’s no ill will but if you don’t want to fight, just say you don’t want to fight! Don’t hold your breath until you pass out, that’s what six-year-olds do.”

Kevin Holland said he is willing to fight Giles again but will only do it if there is a backup fighter so he doesn’t experience the same fate again. He also shared his frustration for missing out on the opportunity to win a Fight Of The Night bonus and admitted he wants to “bite someone’s ear off” or cry.

“I might need to go to counselling after this, you know what I mean? I’m pretty pissed, right now but I’m trying to keep it contained, I want to fight,” he said. “I could bite someone’s ear off right now like Mike Tyson right now, eat their kids…I want to cry.”

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